Floor Manager in film & Television

video production with the floor manager
The floor manager uses signals to communicate to the talent

The Floor Manager ensures that the production runs on schedule. They are responsible for ensuring the cameras are properly set-up and that all the equipment is working  properly.

The  Director works closely with the floor manager as the countdown to record begins.Hand signals are used to indicate to the talent the directors intentions. The Floor manager receives the instructions through the headsets worn and relays the signals by hand.

video production in the control room
The control room is where the Director gives the instructions to the Floor Manager.

The floor manager is also responsible for ensuring safety, particularly when a set is constructed.

The Floor manager must be able to manage individual personalities with an air of authority that enables the crew to work in a harmonious way. He must also have a calm persona that can solve problems quickly and anticipate any that may arise.

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video production with the floor manager  addavideo
The floor manager makes sure the equipment is working properly and the production is on schedule.

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