Video production using professional audio equipment

video production using the audio control room
The audio control room of a Television studio

Audio is a key component in a successful video production for web. It is unfortunate that many consumer cameras cannot deliver good quality audio without the use of accessories and additional microphones.

Microphones come in three main types

  • condenser
  • dynamic
  • electret

within these three types there are different polar patterns for picking up the signal

  • Cardioid
  • Omni
  • Bi-Polar
  • super cardioid
  • shotgun

We then have microphones that can be hidden, such as the Lavalier and mics that are wireless.

Having full control of the audio recording often means pugging into a mixer and monitoring the recorded signal.This is where you get to make use of your expensive headphones that may cut out background noise. However this is not always desirable as a sound recordist needs to have two ears working. One for the recording and the other to monitor whats going on around the set.

Video productions using lavalier microphones
Lavalier Mics are concealed on the talent

After the connection to mixer or camera , a setup procedure occurs. This is where many people with less experience become confused. The levels must be set correctly.  Do we connect into “mic or line” on the camera?  Well in short the “line” input is for a mixer. If your not using a mixer then plug into the “Mic” input and set you levels to auto. If your more experienced you may set your levels to manual and make adjustments during the production as the need occurs.

video production using professional audio equipment
concealing a lavalier microphone on the talent as they go to air allows for good recording of dialogue

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