Noise cancelling Headphones

video production audio monitoring headphones
Bose noise cancelling headphones


These Bose headphones have a distinctive enticing factor, and thats Noise Cancelling. When ambient noise no longer interferes with the music your listening to, naturally the sound is going to be better.There may also be occasions when you want complete silence. Turn the microphone thats positioned at the earpiece on, and you have eliminated ambient noise. The microphone records the external sounds and produces a sine wave. The headphones electronics creates an opposite sine wave of peaks and troughs. This sine wave cancels the incoming  wave out, and you have Noise cancellation.

They fit very comfortably, however they may not be the best solution for audio editing on a digital platform such as AVID Pro Tools.They do certainly have a place in audio monitoring in either video,film or television production.If your looking for a distraction free environment that allows you to be more productive than noise cancellation is the answer.

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