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Little Devil of a Tart

Fruit Flan and Meringue
the creation of food as a work of art is to good to waste

Creating this photo was a process of allowing my ideas to build. First I started with the Flan then I added the Meringue as a whole . I then proceeded to break up the meringue and surround the flan. I then took a break and did some other work & when I came back, I decided to add in that little devil at the back. The finished image was not what I envisioned when I started the project.

Colour & Texture

The Dark side of sweets
The Dark side of sweets

Colour & Texture give depth to a picture. We expect to see the background slightly blurred in order to establish this depth. The detail in the background of this photo begs the eye to explore. This begins to conflict with the foreground and the eye has no place to settle. The image then becomes incomplete.

Expecting the unexposed photo

Blue macaroon gets the preference
Inspecting  the Blue Macaroon

Sometimes an image just presents itself on a platter ! whilst working on this set , the image wasn’t  emerging the way I had planned. Until my Eight year old daughter walked in and gazed upon the Blue macaroon. She slowly approached the macaroon and drew nearer.  Nothing was going to prevent her from getting it. I warned her not to destroy my photo shoot. This is the moment I allowed myself to just relax and let the image emerge.  I shouted out ” stay there”. The remote control I used helped enormously in capturing the photo that I had not yet exposed in my mind. We often see what we want to get, however  the unexpected is very nearby.